Let’s Chat: Spring Cleaning!

Cleaning. I know, I know! Some of you are like me and actually enjoy it, and the other 98% of you would rather be doing anything else. I get a lot of feedback that cleaning is always a good topic. Tips, tricks, tools, even just seeing me clean or showing a clean space is enough to motivate some of you. I get it! I find my motivation to be visual as well! And I really want to put together a few cleaning specific posts because do you know what time of the year it is? SPRING CLEANING TIME!

And it got me thinking. What does “Spring Cleaning” mean to you?

As I was putting together ideas for upcoming cleaning posts, I realized it most likely means something different to everyone! In fact, for me it can mean something entirely different each year. 
At the same time, there are a few things I find myself doing every year around the months of March and April. Sorting papers (thanks to taxes), swapping out winter gear and linens for spring items, cleaning the yard… 
I find if we are really good about keeping up on our weekly and monthly cleaning tasks all year long, then I don’t have a lot of extra cleaning to do in the spring. It allows for me to dive deeper into those odd cleaning jobs or forgotten nooks and crannies. But as ideal as that is, that isn’t always the case.
But enough about me. I still plan to share some of my favorite tips and tricks and tools, but before I start putting together too many posts on the subject, I wanted to hear from you!

( you may need to scroll down to see and answer all of the questions )
Thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes to fill out the survey above! It will definitely lend me a helping hand as I put together some cleaning content over the next couple of days and weeks. I will also be sure to share the results with you all as we kick off the cleaning posts.

On another note, we are completely snow-less as I type this! And the sun is also trying really hard to make an appearance today. Weather is Wisconsin is always weird this time of year, you really never know what to expect. But it really does play into what we can do and when, and no snow is a huge indicator for me to get out those cleaning gloves asap!

I love to talk about all things cleaning and when I share with you, you tend to teach me something new as well. Feel free to add additional survey thoughts below, or just any general Spring Cleaning chit-chat!

from IHeart Organizing http://www.iheartorganizing.com/2017/03/lets-chat-spring-cleaning.html


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